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(A special message from Brennen + some cool new features)
As An Early Access Member, You Get Everything For One Price
Linear Core Access ($297 value) + Linear PRIME Features ($197 value) = Total Value $494.00

Intelligent Split Testing

Ever wonder if a certain price would sell better, or a different item might work better as an upsell?

Don't guess, split test! Linear has algorithms that automatically select the best performing offers over time - just set it and forget it!

Unlimited Shops

Every shop is like your own little money printing machine, so it makes sense that you might run
more than 1 shop, if you're not already!

As an Early Access Member, you get to use Linear with any of your current and future shops.

Realtime Statistics

Tired of burning through adspend while you wait for your stats to "update"? Not anymore!

Linear begins tracking your views, upsell rates, & sales in realtime, the instant you start sending traffic.

One-Click Upsells (coming soon)

Connect your Stripe account with Linear and you can build custom, post-checkout sales funnels with one-click purchases. (Available soon!)

Early access members are exempt from additional fees beyond Stripe's base fees.
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